The patented dry installation system for reusable and recyclable tile floors.


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This innovative product was partly realized with financial support from the VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship).


Iuniq is the full environmentally friendly dry installation system. Tiles and system are not glued so both can be easily changed, reused or recycled.


A Iuniq floor is waterproof, soundproof, slip - and wear - resistant and meets all requirements for strength, rigidity, stability, point load and flatness.


The Iuniq system is ideal for large retail premises and shopping centres and highly suitable for car dealerships and offices.

Equaling traditional
tile floor benefits

Time and cost
Beautiful appearance
Strength, ridigity, stability
Flatness, wear resistance, slip resistance
Waterproof, soundproof
Resistant to dirt and chemicals
Easy to keep clean

Improving the traditional
tile floor benefits

Reusable and recyclable
Reduced carbon footprint
Easy to repair
Flexible: easy to replace
Cabling under tiles
Not part of the immovable property
Leasing instead of buying

From a sustainability perspective, traditional tiling with glue is not attractive.

Because of the glue the subfloor, tiles and joint form one integral part of the building and therefore it is not possible that materials can be reused.

With help of our modular and patented solution it is possible to install and separate all materials in order to reuse them or in case of the tile can be given back as raw material to the manufacturer.

A Iuniq tile floor, like a traditional tile floor, comprises three parts: the subfloor, the tiles and the joints. The subfloor consists of modular Iuniq click moulds that are simply clicked together. The tiles are just as easily clicked onto the Iuniq subfloor. Finally, a plastic joint is inserted between the tiles. Mortar, tile adhesive or grout are things of the past.

Because the tiles are not glued to the subfloor, they can be quickly and easily removed. For instance, you may want to replace a damaged tile or the entire floor. The old tiles can then be reused in another floor or ground into raw material for new tiles. The Iuniq subfloor itself is also easy to disassemble for reuse or recycling.

Our patented innovative and sustainable click frames are easy to cut to size. They click together and snap loose effortlessly.
At the same time, the moulds have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability to support a retail floor subjected to extreme wear and tear. Once clicked into place, the tiles do not slip or slide, even under very heavy loads.

In addition to being reusable, the Iuniq click mould can also be recycled as a raw material for new plastic products. The same applies to the plastic joints. This makes all three parts of a Iuniq floor reusable or recyclable, which aligns perfectly with the principles of cradle to cradle and brings a fully circular construction process one step closer.

On average, retailers renew their tile floors once every five to seven years, often as part of a corporate rebranding. With the Iuniq click mould, this can be done considerably faster, simpler and cheaper than with a traditional tile floor. It means that an investment in a Iuniq floor pays for itself within six years. And that’s without taking into account the residual value of the old tiles. Would you like to know more about the financial benefits of a Iuniq floor?

We believe in the strength and sustainability of Iuniq. We therefore offer a 10-year guarantee on the click mould when it is purchased in combination with a maintenance contract.

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