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The new fully reusable installation floor system committed with environment.

The people behind Iuniq have decades of experience in laying tile floors, subfloors and wall tiles in retail, food, automotive and office premises. We have witnessed up close how the construction sector has become increasingly sustainable. Whether it involves the separation of waste streams, lower emissions, circular construction, reusable materials, energy-efficient buildings or future-proof designs, the commitment to sustainable practices has been clear. But one sector has lagged behind: the tiling industry.

Of course, in the production of mortar, tile adhesive and grout, emissions have been steadily reduced and logistics processes are now more efficient. But the biggest problem, literally and figuratively, was that tiles were glued to the subfloor. They were therefore not reusable and recycling wasn’t an attractive option. But what if there was a way to fix tiles to the floor without gluing them? Could that work?

We approached designers and experts from different disciplines. Slowly but surely, promising ideas were conceived and developed into a working prototype. Due to our time in the tile industry, we could immediately see the far-reaching possibilities of this model. After several rounds of improving and testing, the Iuniq click mould was born. We are now able to deliver an innovative tile floor that meets the same strict standards as a traditional tile floor.

Iuniq floors can be completely disassembled, which means that the tiles are fully reusable or can be recycled if they are no longer suitable for reuse in a new floor. The click moulds and plastic joints are also reusable and recyclable. With the Iuniq system, the tiling industry has, in one smart and disruptive move, closed the sustainability gap with the rest of the construction sector and has taken a giant leap forward.

Iuniq dry installation system and tiles are both reusable and recyclable.

Our system supports Cradle to Cradle principles.

Iuniq system is produced following the Cradle to Cradle principles as after it’s installation, the floor can be easily disassembled -system and tiles- and can both can be reused or recycled. That’s why ours is a Factory to Factory process that makes this installation option environmentally friendly.

The process

The process


1. Factory production
2. Install the system
3. Use the system
4. Disassemble
6. Back to factory
5. Reuse & recycle
(both installation system and tiles)



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